Brightening Peel Sequential System
Ideal product to achieve luminosity and provide moisture content for the skin. It speeds up the elimination of flakes that naturally come off the epidermis.
Main ingredients: Glycolic acid. (Normal to Mature Skin)

Pigmentation treatment. Combination of glycolic acids for deep renewing action, with citric acid + phytic acid to reduce the pigmentation. Thick and/or photo-aged skin with renovating needs (wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, large pores, etc.)

Timeless Prodigy Treatment ...$175
Oxygeno 3 in 1 Facial ...$159
Global Lift Anti-Aging Facial Treatment ...$140.00
Eternal Stem Cell Rejuvenating Facial Treatment ...$140.00
Corrective Anti-aging Treatment ...$140.00
Meso Therapy Facials ...$140
European Customized Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment ...$100.00
Power C Brightening Facial Treatment ...$100.00
Acne Clear Balance Facial ...$100
Anti Redness Hydra-Concentrate ...$100

SKEYNDOR Corrective

Treatment inspired in the world’s leading medical-aesthetic treatments, scientifically formulated to treat deep wrinkles and expression lines both quickly and effectively.
Anti-wrinkle treatment for wrinkled, flaccid and aged skins.

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