Protects your skin from environmental pollution and provides it with the oxygen it needs. For skin living in urban environments.

Revitalize and regenerate your skin, oxygenating it for the correct cell recovery.
Have a silky skin with the promotion Skin Oxygen.

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City Pollution Barrier – Boosting serum
Serum antitoxic solution for face and neck. Its formula combines active detoxifying, antioxidant and protection against urban pollution, for a more intense global purifying effect. Ideal for asphyxiated and fatigued skins due to the lack of oxygen that are constantly found in urban environments.

Provides a unique, light and fresh sensation immediately for mixed or oily skin, suffocated and fatigued by lack of oxygen. Creates a protective film on the face that maintains the hydration of the skin and helps recover its It helps skin oxygenation and protects the skin with a barrier effect against environmental pollution.

Facial revitalizing cream
For normal and dry skin that is suffocated and fatigued due to lack of oxygen.” Formula with high content of Perfluorodecalina, molecule traps oxygen, its formula combines actives of oxygenating, prebiotic and protection against environmental pollution, For a ruminant revivifying oxygenating effect.

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